About Ink Bitch

Jacqueline Jennings, better known as Ink Bitch, hails from New Jersey. Creativity always came natural to her, even at a young age. Art was a way to express herself and pass time when she was younger, now art is her job. Ink Bitch has 10 years of tattooing on her resume, and many more left. Locally recognized as one of the best tattoo artists in the Philadelphia area, Ink Bitch has won multiple awards. She doesn't limit herself to any one style; her versatility is shown across all styles of tattoos. Ink Bitch continues to progress and hopes to soon turn her local success to international recognition.

News & Updates

Jackie "Ink Bitch" Jennings will be on season 3 of Ink Master! The new season will premiere on SPIKE TV Tuesday, July 16 at 10PM ET/PT. Below is the sneak peak video to prepare you for this upcoming season!